What is Job Recruitment?

Job recruitment is a process that can mostly be considered a link between an organization and the candidates. It is a process whereby a company selects certain candidates from outside the organization and prompts them eventually to apply for posts in their company. It can therefore be called a link between the job seekers and employers.

Job recruitment: The definition

Job recruitment is basically a process whereby a company discovers its manpower and recruits it through channels of selection rounds and efficient techniques. The primary objective of job recruitment is to rush the process of selection by right ways and means. It can be an attempt on the part of a company to develop qualified manpower, maybe for the future needs, even while there is no requirement at present. Besides, there can be a lot of other objectives of this process, but most of all, it is to capture the right employees for the organization.

Kinds of job recruitment needs

The job recruitment needs of an organization can be categorized into three different parts. These are:

Planned needs: These are the ones which are caused because of changes in retirement policies or organization.

Anticipated needs: These job recruitment needs are the ones which an organization just anticipates by studying the internal or external environment of an organization.

Unexpected needs: These are the ones which are a result of sudden or unexpected events like resignation, accident, death or illness of the employee.

Depending upon these job recruitment needs, an organization starts the process of recruitment and selection.

Job recruitment: A step preceding selection

Job recruitment is that step of the employment which precedes selection. It includes steps like calling the applicant for the interview, taking tests and rounds that will help an organization analyze whether he/she is suitable for the job or not. This means, before the selection of an applicant finally occurs, there is a process called job recruitment that he/she needs to clear.

Purpose of job recruitment

The primary purpose is definitely to attract and push the pool of talented people towards an organization. An organization understands the present as well as future needs and thereby tries to magnetize efficient people to their organization through this process. Job recruitment with future needs reduce the risk of unexpected and sudden recruitment, which might be done in hap-hazard way due to urgency.

Recruitment therefore can be considered a very important part of employment for an organization as well as the applicants.

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